Sentence Examples

  • If your goal is to add a couple of summer jackets to your wardrobe that will transcend the seasons and styles, opt for timeless details like shawl collars, besom or welt pockets, and minimal topstitching or embellishment.
  • It was not at all clear at the time that his work would transcend the ages.
  • For Jacobi understanding, or the logical faculty, is purely formal or elaborative, and its results never transcend the given material supplied to it.
  • In short, if the difficulty be put in its ultimate form, no existence thought as a distinct individual can transcend itself, or imply relation to any other existence.
  • For the belief that moral obligation is absolute in character, that it is alike impossible to explain its origin and transcend its laws, would make the search for a scientific criterion of conduct to be deduced from the laws of life and conditions of existence meaningless, if not absurd.