Sentence Examples

  • Operating on this beam with a second prism, he found that the homogeneous light was not dispersed, and also that it was more refracted the nearer the point from which it was taken approached to the violet end of the spectrum RV.
  • For it is easy to understand by the canons above mentioned that the greatest objects may appear exceedingly small, and the contrary, also that the most remote objects may appear just at hand, and the converse; for we can give such figures to transparent bodies, and dispose them in such order with respect to the eye and the objects, that the rays shall be refracted and bent towards any place we please, so that we shall see the object near at hand or at any distance under any angle we please.
  • The refracted light, whatever be the angle of incidence, is found to be partially polarized in a plane perpendicular to the plane of incidence, and D.
  • Arago showed that at all angles of incidence the reflected and refracted streams contain equal quantities of polarized light.
  • Here the light corresponding to the space between the D lines is transmitted, being strongly refracted upward near D I, and downward near D 2.