Sentence Examples

  • Our author was still further to resemble the latter writer in a great misfortune; from overwork he lost his sight in 1857.
  • Retiring, with his health impaired by overwork, to his home in Newark, he died there on the 20th of May, less than three months after relinquishing the cares of office.
  • The strain and overwork, however, of the three years of office together with grief at the death of his only son in 1912, had told on his constitution; and after an acute attack of gout, he died in harness at the Consulta on Oct.
  • The source of the traditions to her discredit is to be found in a letter written a few years after Darer's death by his life-long intimate, Willibald Pirkheimer, who accuses her of having plagued her husband to death by her meanness, made him overwork himself for money's sake, and given his latter days no peace.
  • Depressed by his failure, deeply wounded by the king's favour for Louvois, and worn out by overwork, Colbert's strength gave way at a comparatively early age.