Sentence Examples

  • He had never used the nickname – always before it had been Cynthia.
  • ABRAHAM-MEN, the nickname for vagrants who infested England in Tudor times.
  • It became a leading text-book in the nascent university, and its popular description as the Liber pauperum gave rise to the nickname pauperistae applied to Oxford students of law.
  • KIZILBASHES (Turkish, "Red-Heads"), the nickname given by the Orthodox Turks to the Shiitic Turkish immigrants from Persia, who are found chiefly in the plains from KaraHissar along Tokat and Amasia to Angora.
  • The name Gheg (Gege-a) is not adopted by the Ghegs themselves, being regarded as a nickname; the designation Tosk (Toske-a) is restricted by the Tosks to the inhabitants of a small region north of the lower Viossa (Toskeria).