Sentence Examples

  • Bassett, Constitutional Beginnings of North Carolina (Baltimore, 1894); The Regulators of North Carolina (Washington, 1894); and Slavery in the State of North Carolina (Baltimore, 1899), are all trustworthy.
  • Bassett, and including an extended sketch of the Byrd family.
  • Concerning Byrd's style as a writer, Professor Bassett says: " It would be hard to find before Franklin a better master of the art of writing clear, forceful and charming English."
  • Bassett, Ann., 186 4, 1 3 2, P. 54), CC1 3 NO 2 +4C,H 5 ONa= C (0C 2 H 5) 4 +NaNO 2 -}-3NaC1.
  • He was returned to parliament in 1701 for the family borough of Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire.