Sentence Examples

  • To her imaginative and inexperienced mind, it was obvious that he was doing their homework.
  • Did he know the men were inexperienced riders?
  • This attitude Swabla was possibly owing to the fact that Frederick was and Otto young and inexperienced; it was, however, more probably due to a revival of the fear that the ~erman princes would be entangled in Italian politics.
  • Mehemet Ali was said to have appointed as mudir or governor in a turbulent district a young and inexperienced Turk, who asked, But how am I to govern these people?
  • His apologists contend, however, that, as an inexperienced civilian, he could not have made sudden changes in naval arrangements without disorganizing the fleet, and that in view of the impending hostilities he was obliged to accept the dispositions of his predecessors.