Sentence Examples

  • The destruction of the forest is telling fatally on the ' See the geological map of New Zealand by Sir James Hector (1884).
  • Not till the smoke was seen from St Thomas's Mount, where Sir Hector Munro commanded some 5200 troops, was an 9;;10vement made; then, however, the British general sought to effect a junction with a smaller body under Colonel Baillie recalled from Guntur.
  • Legendary materials borrowed by Hollinshed from Hector Boece, and on the dynastic myth of the descent of the Stuart kings from Banquo, has clouded the actual facts of history.
  • The chief incidents in that part of the poem - the panic rush to the ships, the duels of Paris and Menelaus, and of Hector and Ajax, the Aristeia of Diomede - stand in no relation to the mainspring of the poem, the promise made by Zeus to Thetis.
  • It contains the panelling of a room from the house of Edmund Hector, which formerly stood in Old Square, Birmingham, where Dr Samuel Johnson was a frequent visitor.