Sentence Examples

  • Because gypsies who worked as fortune-tellers for non-gypsies played up their "exotic" dress to impress and intimidate customers, it is assumed that this is how they dressed at all times, when that was not actually the case.
  • Usually the color matches the rest of the team, but it doesn't necessarily have to; some goalies like to have their own particular colorful design on their jersey, often to intimidate the other team.
  • Limewire has filed a countersuit against the record labels, alleging that the labels resorted to illegal business practices to intimidate potential Limewire customers.
  • These dedicated individuals are comprised of males and females with a goal of making the Trojan fans as loud as possible to intimidate their opponents and create an atmosphere of support for Trojan Warriors.
  • Because this movie focuses on a darker, scarier Batman, the Batman Begins video game uses a fear tactic system to intimidate your foes before you pounce.