Sentence Examples

  • Xanthus, however, puts Torrhebus in the place of Tyrsenus, and makes him the eponym of a district in Lydia.
  • ASAPH, the eponym of the Asaphite gild of singers, one of the hereditary choirs that superintended the musical services of the temple at Jerusalem in post-exilic times.
  • Distinctively Calebite are the stories of the eponym who, fearless of the " giants " of Palestine, gained striking divine promises (Num.
  • 24, where Abiasaphthat is, the eponym of the gild of Asaphites - is made one of the three sons of Korah.
  • Snake"), in the chronicle of Dionysius of Tellmahre; he is no historical personality, but the eponym of the tribe.