Sentence Examples

  • Ahead, was strongly fortified, another short detour was made to the westward by cutting a road through a field of broken lava.
  • "He took a detour and is on his return trip, Father," Ne'Rin said.
  • Instruct everyone that drives in this direction to take a detour because the bridge is not safe in this inclement weather.
  • Thus the passes which crossed a single ridge, and did not involve too great a detour through a long valley of approach, became the most important and the most popular, e.g.
  • These were three in number: one along the shores of the Corinthian Gulf, which, owing to the nature of the ground, makes a long detour; the other two starting from Megara, and passing, the one by a lofty though gradual route over the ridge of Geraneia, the other along the Saronic Gulf, under the dangerous precipices of the Scironian rocks.