Sentence Examples

  • In the north-west to over 20 in the south, where desiccation is less apparent.
  • During their removal it is important that the roots be covered, if only to prevent desiccation by the air.
  • Modern travellers bear witness to a gradual progress of desiccation in the Tibetan uplands.
  • The area of the lake is shrinking owing to the progressive desiccation of the country, Saharan climate and conditions replacing those of the Sudan.
  • Many of the great historic movements of peoples were doubtless due to the gradual change of geographical or climatic conditions; and the slow desiccation of Central Asia has been plausibly suggested as the real cause of the peopling of modern Europe and of the medieval wars of the Old World, the theatres of which were critical points on the great natural lines of communication between east and west.