Sentence Examples

  • After ignition, it is allowed to cool in a desiccator and then weighed.
  • The green salt appears to dissociate in aqueous solution into two ions, namely CrC1 2 (OH 2) 4 and one chlorine ion, since practically only one-third of the chlorine is precipitated by silver nitrate solution at o° C. Two of the six water molecules are easily removed in a desiccator, and the salt formed, CrC13.4H20, resembles the original salt in properties, only one-third of the chlorine being precipitated by silver nitrate.
  • Concentration of the aqueous solution in a desiccator gives a deposit of crystals of a very deliquescent salt, H21n2(S04)4.8H20.
  • By evaporating in vacuo the solution obtained by dissolving iron in hydrochloric acid, there results bluish, monoclinic crystals of FeCl24H20, which deliquesce, turning greenish, on exposure to air, and effloresce in a desiccator.