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spored, spores, sporing
Any of various small reproductive bodies, usually consisting of a single cell, produced by bacteria, algae, mosses, ferns, certain protozoans, etc., either asexually (asexual spore) or by the union of gametes (sexual spore): they are capable of giving rise to a new adult individual, either immediately or after an interval of dormancy.
Webster's New World
A megaspore or microspore.
American Heritage
Any small organism or cell that can develop into a new individual; seed, germ, etc.
Webster's New World
A dormant nonreproductive body formed by certain bacteria often in response to a lack of nutrients, and characteristically being highly resistant to heat, desiccation, and destruction by chemicals or enzymes.
American Heritage Medicine
A megaspore or microspore.
American Heritage Medicine
To bear or develop spores.
Webster's New World

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Origin of Spore

  • From Modern Latin spora, from Ancient Greek σπορά (spora, “seed, a sowing”), related to σπόρος (sporos, “sowing”) and σπείρω (speirō, “to sow”), from Proto-Indo-European *sper- (“to strew”).

    From Wiktionary

  • Greek sporā seed sper- in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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