Sentence Examples

  • Mr. Secretary, thank you very much for your extremely eloquent depiction of the global view.
  • This was the favorite Victorian depiction of fairies, tiny beings that delighted the eye but were impossible to catch.This downsizing of the Fae Folk was perhaps a result of Victorian Empiricism.
  • Take the plot devices on faith and just take in the chases, the bonding, the terrifyingly realistic depiction of nuclear holocaust (in a dream, fortunately) and the surprisingly poignant ending.
  • Bear in mind that your sunset invite doesn't necessarily have to feature an actual depiction of a sunset to be appropriate; even an image of the water and sky will do nicely!
  • Bush. However, the Mii tool can also be used to make some fantastic cartoon and fictional characters as well.To the left side of the image is a depiction of Pochacco, a character known from the Sanrio universe.