Sentence Examples

  • Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will have better graphics, more lifelike characters conversing in full speech (instead of all text dialog), real-time 24-hour cycles and will be the first role-playing game for the new Xbox 360.
  • With Avatar being lauded by many for the stunning visual impact the film creates with lush world's and lifelike humanoids, the 3D aesthetic of the film benefited from the technology advancements it necessitated.
  • With the exception of highly stylized art images, most photographers who shoot artistic portraits would rather have lifelike positions and expressions over the calculated look of overly posed subjects.
  • It fully takes advantage of the cutting edge technology found in the PS3.The gameplay is utterly realistic with lifelike pitcher-batter duels and a very addictive Road to the Show game mode.
  • I believe they gave me more pleasure than anything else at the Fair: they were so lifelike and wonderful to my touch.