Sentence Examples

  • In the meantime, he plans to stuff the creature and display it at the Blanco Taxidermy School.
  • Sightings and attacks of the Chupacabra continued after 2000, with an amazing claim in September of 2009 by Taxidermy expert, Jerry Ayer, of Texas that he'd captured an actual Chupacabra.
  • Taxidermist Jerry Ayer of Blanco, Texas presents a strange animal that came to him via Lynn Butler, a former student at his taxidermy school.
  • Taxidermy teacher, Jerry Ayer of Blanco, Texas claimed to have what he believed was an actual Chupacabra specimen in his freezer.
  • Taxidermist Jerry Ayers produced the frozen carcass of a strange, dog-like animal that was brought to him by a former student at his school of taxidermy.