Sentence Examples

  • 1 The practices of the latter are pungently depicted 2 (iii.
  • "You've got a rat," he said, reviewing the past hundred years of battles depicted on the map.
  • The next depicted the planet, the next a woman holding a knife, then the fountain, a plant, a river.
  • In the zodiac of Merton College, Oxford, Libra is represented by a judge in his robes and Pisces by the dolphin of Fitzjames, warden of the college, 1482-1507.6 The great rose-windows of the Early Gothic period were frequently painted with zodiacal emblems; and some frescoes in the cathedral of Cologne contain the signs, each with an attendant angel, just as they were depicted on the vault of the church at Mount Athos.
  • On the altar of Pergamum he is depicted taking part in the battle of the giants.