Sentence Examples

  • It is still very valuable as a help in ascertaining the principles of ancient music, and gives us the opinions of some of the best ancient writers on the art.
  • Another closely connected problem is that of locating or ascertaining the direction of the sending station.
  • D'Entrecasteaux died on board his ship on the 10th of July 1793, without ascertaining the fate of La Perouse.
  • In 1853 exhaustive experiments were carried out in England with a view to ascertaining whether it would be possible so to treat alcohol as to allow it to be used industrially without, at the same time, any risk of the revenue being defrauded.
  • While still an undergraduate he happened to read of certain unexplained irregularities in the motion of the planet Uranus, and determined to investigate them as soon as possible, with a view to ascertaining whether they might not be due to the action of a remote undiscovered planet.