Sentence Examples

  • Bonapartes ascendancy did not pass unchallenged.
  • The ascendancy acquired in these years eventually raised Athens to the rank of an imperial state.
  • A clear conscience, not less than a sense of his own superiority to others at the court of Louis XIII., made the cardinal haughtily assert his ascendancy, and the king shared his belief in both.
  • The last but one of the Grand Masters who reigned in Malta, de Rohan, restored good government, abated abuses and promulgated a code of laws; but the ascendancy acquired by the Inquisition over the Order, the confiscation of the property of the knights in France on the outbreak of the Revolution, and the intrigues of the French made the task of regenerating the Order evidently hopeless in the changed conditions of Christendom.
  • This adventuress soon gained the greatest ascendancy over the cardinal, with whom she had intimate relations.