Sentence Examples

  • The conflict which followed between the Pennsylvania and the Connecticut settlers is known as the first Pennamite-Yankee War.
  • You might say to all the world, This is our Yankee Englishman; such limbs we make in Yankee land!
  • This firm prospered for a while, and issued in 1889 Mark Twain's own comic romance, A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court, and in 1892 a less successful novel, The American Claimant.
  • Some of her followers left her before 1800, and then the community gradually broke up. The name of the village is said to have been derived from the first syllables of "Pennsylvania" and "Yankee," as most of the early settlers were Pennsylvanians and New Englanders.
  • All the Whittiers were men of stature and bodily strength, John Greenleaf being almost the first exception, a lad of delicate mould, scarcely adapted for the labour required of a Yankee farmer and his household.

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