Sentence Examples

  • The conflict which followed between the Pennsylvania and the Connecticut settlers is known as the first Pennamite-Yankee War.
  • You might say to all the world, This is our Yankee Englishman; such limbs we make in Yankee land!
  • Hence Connecticut became known as the " Land of Yankee Notions "; and small wares are still manufactured, the patents granted to inventors in one city ranging from bottle-top handles, bread toasters and lamp holders, to head-rests for church pews and scissors-sharpeners.
  • A knightly celibate, his stainless life, his ardour, caused him to be termed a Yankee Galahad; a pure and simple heart was laid bare to those who loved him in " My Psalm," " My Triumph " and " An Autograph."
  • All the Whittiers were men of stature and bodily strength, John Greenleaf being almost the first exception, a lad of delicate mould, scarcely adapted for the labour required of a Yankee farmer and his household.

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