Sentence Examples

  • They are composed of employers and workmen in equal numbers and are established by decree of the council of state, advised by the minister of justice.
  • The coles pratiques de commerce et dindustrie for the training of clerks and workmen; private schools controlled by the state, such as the coles supirieures de commerce; certain municipal schools, such as the Industrial Institute of Lille; and private establishments, e.g.
  • He then allotted the reconstruction of wall and gates to different parties of workmen, and his narrative describes the portion of wall upon which each of these was employed.'
  • A special board may be formed at the request of any union of employers or of workmen, or on the initiative of the Labour department.
  • The Portuguese were expelled by Fasilidas, but his castle was built, by Indian workmen, under the superintendence of Abyssinians who had learned something of architecture from the Portuguese adventurers, helped possibly by Portuguese still in the country.