Sentence Examples

  • The teacher had a hectic workload.
  • In particular, graduate students enrolled in intense degree programs, such as medical or legal programs, may simply be unable to realistically work full time while also carrying a full time graduate level workload.
  • When you allow yourself to say no and develop a firm understanding of where you're time is going, it can become much easier to prioritize your workload and accomplish everything you need to get done.
  • Gamers will be drooling over the new Playstation 3 with its use of the new "Cell" processor, which can handle a workload of intense graphics, downloading video/music clips or just surfing the web.
  • Ease of use - Teachers don't want to add more duties to their already-heavy workload, and they certainly don't want to have to learn a new programming language, or spend hours configuring a blog.