Sentence Examples

  • If you have a bit of wiggle room in your budget, then you might consider investing in a wide-screen monitor, which allows you to view multiple windows side-by-side, so you can work in more than one application.
  • If a family does this, they'll have some wiggle room all year round and won't feel the pinch at the beginning of each school year when they're buying the latest curriculum and associated supplies.
  • While some manufacturers advertise tall clothing, others give themselves wiggle room by offering different size inseams and options like ankle and long lengths to satisfy most customers.
  • First, if your daughter was a straight A or mostly all A student and NOT in jeopardy of losing her spot on the honor society, then she may have some wiggle room for her point of view.
  • After that, you go through the same process of tapping and holding on the app icon to enter "wiggle" mode, clicking on the "X" button, and tapping on the "delete" button to confirm.