Sentence Examples

  • The formula was simple: the slow parade of a beautiful girl in a beautiful gown; the removal of stockings, gloves, hairpins; the slow shimmy out of the clinging, formal dress; and the briefest wriggle in only a g-string.
  • Former stripteaser Ann Corio credited Hinda Wassau with inventing the act when forced to shimmy out of a chorus costume that had caught on the beads of the ensemble worn beneath for purposes of a quick change.
  • Shimmy inside the LoveToKnow Lingerienylons gallery to see what's available these days, how far nylon has come since the 1930s, and how far nylons as we know them have come since not too long after that.
  • Women of all shapes and sizes love to shake and shimmy, and plus size dance skirts allow even the curviest ladies to feel comfortable on the dance floor.
  • The forward and back shimmy requires the dancer to rock the pelvis forward and back, with an emphasis on the backward motion.