Sentence Examples

  • But some to try are Chalone near the Pinnacles Monument east of Salinas Valley, Talbott in Carmel Valley for beautiful Chardonnays and Pinot, and Bernardus which doubles as a double whammy rejuvenating winery and spa resort.
  • Complete with a strum bar, whammy bar, and five different colored buttons on the neck.The strum bar is a little plastic flipper that clicks up or down, simulating the strumming motion you would make when plucking strings.
  • Though education clicked with her, Taylor focused on hair styling until a double whammy of life changes came along: she became a mother and her husband lost his job.
  • For a double whammy, the Strangler's publishers also took the band to court, claiming they ripped off their 'No More Heroes' in Elastica's new single 'Waking Up'.
  • A whammy bar, or a tremolo, is a bar that hangs off the guitar's bridge that a player can depress or pull up on the change the pitch of the note being played.