Sentence Examples

  • These scales were not, as is vulgarly supposed, wholly abolished in favour of our modern tonality in the 17th century.
  • By the H - t3 (vulgarly transliterated Kheta, though the vocalization is uncertain).
  • The capitularies of 805 and 821 also contain vague references to sworn unions of some sort, and a capitulary of 884 prohibits villeins from forming associations "vulgarly called gilds" against those who have despoiled them.
  • He was seen to the greatest advantage, and was most thoroughly at home, in the debates of the Eton Society, learnedly called " The Literati," and vulgarly " Pop," and in the editorship of the Eton Miscellany.
  • We might expect persons who have experienced spontaneous visual hallucinations, of the kind vulgarly styled "ghosts" or "wraiths," to succeed in inducing pictures in a glass ball.

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