Sentence Examples

  • He never knew much Hebrew and was not specially strong in Greek; so he used the Vulgate in his prelections.
  • Translation, the Chaldee paraphrase, and an Arabic version, it contains the Vulgate translation, a new Latin translation by the editor, a Latin translation of the Chaldee, and a collection of scholia.
  • Besides an edition of the book of Job, .containing the original text, the Vulgate, and a new translation, he published a Latin version of the Moreh Nevochim of Maimonides (Director dubitantium ant per plexorum, 1520), and also edited in Latin the Aureus libellus of Aeneas Platonicus, and the Timaeus of Chalcidius.
  • Arcturus has been supposed to be referred to in various passages of the Hebrew Bible; the Vulgate reads Arcturus for stars mentioned in Job ix.
  • In 1589 was begun a revision of the Vulgate, the so-called Editio Sixtina.

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