Sentence Examples

  • 26) is called haiPno, where the Vulgate has gentilis.
  • Among, the peculiarities of the Edomites was government by certain officials known as av* 2 which the English versions (by too close a reminiscence of the Vulgate duces) translate "dukes."
  • - The editio princeps, based mainly on a transcript of D, was printed at Venice, 1472: the first scientific text, based on B, C and D, was that of Camerarius, completed 1552, in whose steps followed Lambinus (with a commentary which is still useful), 1576; Taubmann, 1605-1621; Pareus (a meritorious edition), 1619 and 1623; Guyet, edited by Marolles, 1658; Gronovius (the "Vulgate"), 1664-1684; then, after the lapse of more than a century, came the editions of Bothe, 1809-1811; Naudet, 1830; and Weise, 1837-1848.
  • The word " oxen," which occurs in our version of the Scriptures, as well as in the Septuagint and Vulgate, denotes the species, rather than the sex.
  • Other than Roman, and was so used in the Vulgate, with gentes, to translate the Hebrew goyyin2, nations, LXX.

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