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  • 63; 1 Esdras v.
  • According to the apocryphal fourth book of Ezra (or 2 Esdras xiv.) he restored the law which had been lost, and rewrote all the sacred records (which had been destroyed) in addition to no fewer than seventy apocryphal works.
  • The apocryphal books, called 1 and 2 Esdras (the Greek form of the name) in the English Bible, are dealt with below as Ezra, Third Book Of, and Ezra, Fourth Book Of, while the canonical book of Ezra is dealt with under Ezra And Nehemiah.
  • The theory of an esoteric tradition is distinctly represented in 2 Esdras xiv., where Moses receives words which were not to be published, and Ezra re-writes seventy books which were to be delivered to the wise men of his people.
  • 4 Esdras ii.

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