Sentence Examples

  • Which gives a list of families who returned from exile each to its own city, and (b) in the return of the holy vessels in the time of Cyrus (contrast 1 Esdras iv.
  • 7-23, undated; i Esdras ii.
  • Daniel, Esther, i Esdras, Josephus), the historical narratives are of the scantiest and vaguest until the time of Artaxerxes, when the account of a return (Ezra iv.
  • 12),which otherwise is quite ignored, appears to have been used for the times of Darius (i Esdras iv.
  • The unfriendliness of the " brother " people, which added so much to the bitterness of Judah, although associated with the events of 586 (so especially 1 Esdras iv.

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