Sentence Examples

  • These scales were not, as is vulgarly supposed, wholly abolished in favour of our modern tonality in the 17th century.
  • He was seen to the greatest advantage, and was most thoroughly at home, in the debates of the Eton Society, learnedly called " The Literati," and vulgarly " Pop," and in the editorship of the Eton Miscellany.
  • We might expect persons who have experienced spontaneous visual hallucinations, of the kind vulgarly styled "ghosts" or "wraiths," to succeed in inducing pictures in a glass ball.
  • Mirza Taki, the amiru n-nizam (vulgarly amir nizam), or consmander-in-chief, was a good specimen of the self-made man of Persia.
  • By the 17th century it had given place in ordinary civil life to the brimmed hat; but in various shapes it still survives as official head-gear in many European countries: the Barett, worn in church by the Lutheran clergy, in the courts by German lawyers, and by the deans and rectors of the universities, the barrette of French judges and barristers, the "black cap" of the English judge, and the "college cap" familiar in English and American universities, and vulgarly known as the "mortar-board."