Sentence Examples

  • Poland and Muscovy as the nearest neighbours of this moribund state, which had so long excluded them from the sea, were vitally concerned in its fate.
  • The end of the evolution process is the production of a "social tissue" which will be "vitally efficient."
  • No poet has surpassed him in the power of vitally reproducing the pleasure and pain of the passing hour, not recalled by idealizing reflection as in Horace, nor overlaid with mythological ornament as in Propertius, but in all the keenness of immediate impression.
  • Of his drawings, which for students are the most vitally interesting part of his works, the richest collections are in the Albertina at Vienna, the Berlin Museum and the British Museum.
  • The outcome of his teaching was a division of Mahommedanism vitally momentous to the world of Islam.