Sentence Examples

  • The Republicans were paean P P P P republic. men of culture and high character, but doctrinaire and unpractical, and they knew very little of the lower classes of their own country.
  • He argued against the tyranny of authority, the vagaries of unfettered imagination and the academic aims of unpractical dialectic; the vital energy and the reasoned optimism of his language entirely outweigh the fact that his contributions to the stock of actual scientific knowledge were practically inconsiderable.
  • The Neapolitan government was undoubtedly within its right in executing the Bandieras, and the material results of this heroic but unpractical attempt were nil.
  • "He is my man now, and he was not before," said the king, a most unpractical person certainly, and in some ways a sore saint for France.
  • Nothing could have been wilder and more unpractical than the scheme on which he set his heart in 1255-1257, a plan for conquering Naples and Sicily for his second son.

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