Sentence Examples

  • They unloaded the wardrobe cart and sent it to take wounded men from a house two doors off.
  • A cargo of 200,000 bushels can thus be unloaded in two hours, while spouts on the other side of the elevator reload it into cars, five to ten at a time, filling a car in from five to ten minutes, or the largest canal boat in an hour.
  • The larger ships cannot reach Riga, and are unloaded at Ust-Dvinsk (formerly Dunamiinde).
  • C. Greenhill treated the problem of the centrifugal whirling of an unloaded shaft with different supporting conditions in a paper On the Strength of Shafting exposed both to torsion and to end thrust, Proc. Inst.
  • Trans., 1894) investigated the question for the cases of loaded and unloaded shafts, and, owing to the complication arising from the application of the general theory to the cases of loaded shafts, devised empirical formulae for the critical speeds of shafts loaded with heavy pulleys, based generally upon the following assumption, which is stated for the case of a shaft carrying one pulley: If Ni, N1 be the separate speeds of whirl of the shaft and pulley on the assumption that the effect of one is neglected when that of the other is under consideration, then the resulting speed of whirl due to both causes combined may be taken to be of the form N1N2~!

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