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  • But they seem to be more " nominis umbrae " than real men; they serve the purpose of enabling the satirist to aim his blows at one particular object instead of declaiming at large.
  • Kircher (Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae), who notes elsewhere that Porta had taken some arrangement of projecting images from an Albertus, whom he distinguished from Albertus Magnus, and who was probably L.
  • Kircher (Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae, 1646); J.
  • Symbolic Form.-Restricting consideration, for the present, to binary forms in a single pair of variables, we must introduce the symbolic form of Aronhold, Clebsch and Gordan; they write the form Iln n n-1 n-1 n n n aixi+a2x2) = 44+(1) a l a 2 x 1 x2+...+a2.x2=az wherein al, a2 are umbrae, such that n-1 n-1 n a 1, a 1 a 2, ...a 1 a 2, a2 are symbolical respreentations of the real coefficients �o, ai,...
  • If we restrict ourselves to this set of symbols we can uniquely pass from a product of real coefficients to the symbolic representations of such product, but we cannot, uniquely, from the symbols recover the real form, This is clear because we can write n-1 n-2 2 2n-3 3 a1a2 =a l a 2, a 1 a 2 = a 1 a2 while the same product of umbrae arises from n n-3 3 2n-3 3 aoa 3 = a l .a a 2 = a a 2 .

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