Sentence Examples

  • Trinity (1877, cost $800,000), in yellowish granite with dark sandstone trimmings, the masterpiece of H.
  • Elastic web weaving by power looms is carried on to a great extent, and the manufacture of lace and net curtains, gimp trimmings, braids and cords.
  • The old Museum of Fine Arts (1876) is a red brick edifice in modern Gothic style, with trimmings of light stone and terra-cotta.
  • The principal manufactures of the township are jewelry, silverware, cotton goods, cotton machinery, coffin trimmings, and leather.
  • On the Pocono plateau is a large deposit of a finegrained dark-blue stone of the Devonian formation which is known as the Wyoming Valley stone, and, like the New York " bluestone," which it closely resembles, is much used for window and door trimmings, steps and flagging.