Sentence Examples

  • Some Windows Mobile 6.1 users have a program called MP3 Trimmer that lets you import a full MP3 song and block off a section of the song that you can save to the ringtone folder or automatically set as the main ringtone.
  • Choosing the appropriate trimmer model and caring for it properly ensures a long life span and full range of usefulness, ultimately leading to great savings when you don't need to visit the hair salon as frequently.
  • These include a range of different makeup mirrors, makeup train cases in several sizes, cosmetic organizers and trays, beauty care containers, and easy-to-use grooming tools such as the Esca wet/dry bikini trimmer.
  • Instead of wide aluminum tracks and fixtures with covers that look like tin cans or spotlights, trimmer, multifunctional functional track lighting has become a task lighting solution worthy of another look.
  • If you're one of the many women who wants to appear sleeker and trimmer in her clothing, wearing slimming undergarments is a great way to look pounds lighter without having to do a thing.