Sentence Examples

  • But to sing the lower Greek modes in or near the vocal octave it was necessary to transpose (yEraj30Xii) a fourth upwards, which is effected in modern notation by a flat placed upon the b line of the staff; thus modulating from our major key of C to that of F.
  • An organist, instead of transposing a whole ton g down from the Cammerton, would for the tertia minore have to transpose a minor third.
  • Such a determinant when of uneven degree vanishes, for if we multiply each row by - I we multiply the determinant by (- I) n = -1, and the effect of this is otherwise merely to transpose the determinant so that it reads by rows as it formerly did by columns, an operation which we know leaves the determinant unaltered.
  • To transpose a term which is not the last term on either side we must first use the commutative law, which involves an algebraical transformation.
  • If instead of measuring from zero we measure from P, we find Q - R+ S = T-- P. The difference between this and (iii.) is that we transpose the first term instead of the last; the two methods corresponding to the two cases under (i.) of � 1 5 (2).

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