Sentence Examples

  • Some distinguished chemists have thought atomic that this fate may be awaiting the atomic theory, and that in future chemists may be able to obtain all the guidance they need from the science of the transformations of energy.
  • If a system be removed from all communication with anything outside of itself, the whole amount of energy possessed by it will remain constant, but will of its own accord tend to undergo such transformations as will diminish its availability.
  • The various grades of life on our planet are the natural consequences of certain physical processes involved in the gradual transformations of the earth.
  • Empedocles took an important step in the direction of modern conceptions of physical evolution by teaching that all things arise, not by transformations of some primitive form of matter, but by various combinations of a number of permanent elements.
  • 11 n'y a point de tel passage; et c'est ici ou les transformations de Messieurs Swammerdam, Malpighi, et Leewenhoek, qui sont des plus excellens observateurs de notre tems, sont venues a mon secours et m'ont fait admettre plus aisement, que 1'animal, et toute autre substance organisee ne commence point lorsque nous le croyons, et que sa generation apparente n'est qu'un developpement et une espece d'augmentation.

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