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  • None of these books relate to law; and the better opinion seems to be that there were two Tribonians, apparently contemporaries, though possibly some of the attributes of the jurist have been, by a mistake of the compilers or transcribers of the Lexicon of Suidas, extended to the man of letters of the same name.
  • For reasons suggested partly by the study of Semitic inscriptions, partly by comparison of passages occurring twice within the Old Testament, and partly by a comparison of the Hebrew text with the Septuagint, it is clear that the authors of the Old Testament (or at least most of them) themselves made some use of these vowel consonants, but that in a great number of cases the vowel consonants that stand in our present text were inserted by transcribers and editors of the texts.
  • The oldest texts belonging to the heroic cycle are not preserved in any MS. before 110o, and though the sagas were certainly committed to writing several centuries before that date, it is evident that the monkish transcribers have toned down or omitted features that savoured too strongly of paganism.
  • It is true that in certain texts (especially metrical, texts) certaic traces of case-endings are to be met with, as, for example Deus and Deu, amors and amor, clans and clan, forti and fo~t, tuyt and tots, abduy and abdos, senyer and senyon, empenaine and emperador; but, since these forms are used convertibly, the nominative form when the word is in the objective, and the accusative form, when the word is the subject, we can only reaognize in these cases a c nfused recollection of the Provenal rules known only to the litCrte but of which the transcribers of manuscripts took no account.
  • 678, who explains how transpositions actually arise by transcribers trying to make up a complete set of the tales from several imperfect copies.

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