Sentence Examples

  • Little Donnie has been helping your wife transcribe the notebook so his stepfather may have seen some pages.
  • Hitherto he had been scrupulously impartial in raising the best men to the judicial bench, including the illustrious Matthew Hale, but he now appointed compliant judges, and, alluding to Magna Carta in terms impossible to transcribe for modern readers, declared that" it should not control his actions which he knew were for the safety of the Commonwealth."The country was now divided into twelve districts each governed by a major-general, to whom was entrusted the duty of maintaining order, stamping out disaffection and plots, and executing the laws relating to public morals.
  • Although it is quite possible to obtain good signals at a rate corresponding to 600 letters per minute, in practice it is found that such a high speed is not advisable, as it is difficult or impossible for even the most skilled operators properly to handle and transcribe from the " slip" on which the signals are recorded.
  • And in this chapter it was, headed, "Smeer," or "Fat," that I found a long detailed list of the outfits for the larders and cellars of 180 sail of Dutch whalemen; from which list, as translated by Dr. Snodhead, I transcribe the following:
  • A future plan is to transcribe the 1901 census.

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