Sentence Examples

  • Hand written notes are the most personal, but you can also print up thank-you notes on a computer or buy cards at a card store.
  • When you have a large group of cards to make, such as Christmas cards, thank-you notes, or party invitations, simply cut out your shapes or letters before creating an "assembly line" for your project.
  • Networking - Guestbooks also often let people become part of mailing lists or other methods of additional communication - whether it's a birthday thank-you card or a fund-raising list at a banquet.
  • As a thank-you to their ever-increasing fan base, they began a poll of which songs should be on the 2-disc album, 'Long Distance', which was released in October '96 and hit number 13 on the charts.
  • When you visit the main Etomi Pro site, following the link to register only takes you to the message, "Thank-you for your interest but we are not accepting any new customers."