Sentence Examples

  • The financial year 1862 closed with a deficit of more thai 16,000,000, which increased in 1866 to 28,840,000 on account 0 the preparations for the war against Austria.
  • Soc., 1869, p. 25) points out that the west European species of Erica, Genisteae, Lobelia, Gladiolus, &c., an some of them more nearly allied to corresponding Cape species thai they are to each other; and many of the somewhat higher races of ~, mrnl ~prmprs, h,i-mr~ pvdprii-1v div~rmred from stock now unrepresented anywhere but in South Africa.
  • (iv.) The Siamese or Thai, who speak a monosyllabic language of the Chinese type, but written in an Indian alphabet, represent a late invasion from southern China, whence they descended about the 13th century.
  • He is next mentioned by Andrew of Wyntoun in his Original Chronicle of Scotland, written about 1420 "Lytel Jhon and Robyne Hude Waythrnen ware commendyd gude; In Yngilwode and Barnysdale Thai oysyd all this time [c. 1283] thare trawale"; next by Walter Bower in his additions of Fordun's Scotichronicon about 1450 "Hoc in tempore [1266] de exheredatis et bannitis surrexit et caput erexit ille famosissimus sicarius Robertus Hode et Littill Johanne cum eorum complicibus, de quibus stolidum vulgus hianter in comoediis et tragoediis prurienter restum faciunt et super ceteras romancias, mimos, er bardanos cantitare delectantur."
  • Of its course the Lantsan Kiang, or, as it soon becomes known among the Thai peoples inhabiting its rugged valley, the Mekong, is very little known to us.

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