Sentence Examples

  • Owing to the different circumstances which have attended their migrations, the Thai peoples have attained to varying degrees of civilization.
  • LAOS, or LAOTIONs, an important division of the widespread Thai or Shan race found throughout Indo-China from 28° N.
  • This Thai family includes the Shans proper, and the Siamese.
  • The name Lao, which appears to mean simply "man," is the collective Siamese term for all the Thai peoples subject to Siam, while Shan, said to be of Chinese origin, is the collective Burmese term for those subject to Burma.
  • But the pure Laos are still distinguished by the high cheek-bones, small flat nose, oblique eyes, wide mouth, black lank hair, sparse beard, and yellow complexion of the Thai and other branches of the Mongol family.