Sentence Examples

  • 38); the story of Thais is a pure fiction, and we may well believe that he repented the damage he had done (Arrian vi.
  • The same period probably also witnessed the liberation of the Thais or inhabitants of Siam from the yoke of the Khmers, to whom they had for long been subject, and the expulsion of the now declining race from the basin of the Menam.
  • The royal chronicles of Cambodia, the historical veracity of which has often to be questioned, begin about the middle of the 14th century, at which period the Thais assumed the offensive and were able repeatedly to capture and pillage Angkor-Thom.
  • THAIS, a Greek courtesan, who lived during the time of Alexander the Great.
  • Thais subsequently became the wife of Ptolemy Lagus, king of Egypt.