Sentence Examples

  • This right and duty became a jurisdiction in all testamentary causes.
  • His works include Ad Sabinum, a commentary on the jus civile, in over 50 books; Ad edictum, a commentary on the Edict, in 83 books; collections of opinions, responses and disputations; books of rules and institutions; treatises on the functions of the different magistrates - one of them, the De officio proconsulis libri x., being a comprehensive exposition of the criminal law; monographs on various statutes, on testamentary trusts, and a variety of other works.
  • Originally of all legal patrician marriages; (6) the administration of the law of adoption and of testamentary succession.
  • The Arches court was also the court of appeal from the consistory courts of the bishops of the province in all testamentary and matrimonial causes.
  • Although Hincmar had been very hostile to Charles's expedition into Italy, he figured among his testamentary executors and helped to secure the submission of the nobles to Louis the Stammerer, whom he crowned at Compiegne (8th of December 877).

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