Sentence Examples

  • The volcanic region of the Terra di Lavoro is separated by the Volscian mountains from the Roman district.
  • In 1406, after the extinction of these princely houses they added Verona, Vicenza and Padua to the territories they claimed on terra firma.
  • Terra Alta, in the north-eastern mountains, has a winter mean of 26°, a summer mean of only 67°.
  • When a substance was burnt he supposed that the last of these, the terra pinguis, was liberated, and this conception is the basis on which G.
  • Parker in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Journal asiatique, Revue numismatique, Asiatic Quarterly, &c. (C. EL.) EPI, the French architectural term for a light finial, generally of metal, but sometimes of terra-cotta, e forming the termination of a spire or the angle of a roof.

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