Sentence Examples

  • Scouts are reporting it's overrun with demons and Darkyn has adopted it as his terra headquarters for his trips here from Hell.
  • Terra Alta, in the north-eastern mountains, has a winter mean of 26°, a summer mean of only 67°.
  • The attribution to Demeter is supported by the discovery of votive terra-cottas, representing Demeter and Kore in the neighbourhood, while the conjecture that it was dedicated to the rivergod Acragas rests on its position above the river, in the valley of which, indeed, a statue which may represent the deity has been discovered.
  • When a substance was burnt he supposed that the last of these, the terra pinguis, was liberated, and this conception is the basis on which G.
  • Of England, on which a large southern land is shown, and the tradition of a Terra Australis appears to have been current for a long period before it enters into authentic history.

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