Sentence Examples

  • He detected grammatical niceties in Latin, in regard to the consecution of tenses which had escaped preceding critics.
  • Whereas the Hebrew verb is devoid of real tenses, and only expresses an action as completed or as in process without indicating time past, present or future, Syriac has by the help of an auxiliary verb constructed a set of tenses.
  • Trans., Oxford, 1910); also Driver, Treatise the Use of the Tenses in Hebrew (3rd ed., Oxford, 1892).
  • Ver, " he beats "; veret, " he causes to beat "; vereget, " he beats repeatedly "; verint, " he beats a little "; verhet, " he can beat "; the mode of expressing possession by the tenses of the irregular verb lenni, " to be " (viz.
  • Protagoras was the first to systematize grammar, distinguishing the parts of speech, the tenses and the moods.

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