Sentence Examples

  • But while smarting under them he tendered his resignation in 1821, though he did not leave India till the first day of 1823.
  • Relieved of the fear of an immediate attack by the mandists the Egyptian officials at Khartum intrigued against Hicks, who in July tendered his resignation.
  • In January 1872 he formally tendered his resignation; and though it was refused, almost all parties disliked him, while his chief supporters - men like Remusat, Barthelemy Saint-Hilaire and Jules Simon - were men rather of the past than of the present.
  • Hisham and Ibrahim tendered their submission and were pardoned.
  • He was sent to the Marshalsea, and a few years later was indicted on a charge of praemunire on refusing the oath when tendered him by his diocesan, Bishop Home of Winchester.