Sentence Examples

  • Putting Sophie into a home offers the tantalizing prospect of a return to "normal life," Judith speculates.
  • While these incentives are tantalizing and promise significant savings, consumers should thoroughly investigate limitations, promotional periods, and overall usefulness before adding another credit card to their wallet.
  • They're tantalizing to look at, and a peek of lace above a low-cut shirt can look like a cami layered underneath-without the annoying possibility of the bottom shirt getting bunched up under the one on top.
  • Recognize the unique shape of your eyes (just as you would, say, while shopping for the right swimsuit for your body type) and choose colors that play up your most tantalizing optical feature.
  • They haven't been on the market very long, but it's no surprise that anything that promises to cleanse your body, wash your hair and immerse you in a tub full of bubbles is so tantalizing.