Sentence Examples

  • The symmetrical separation of the edges is produced and measured by a single screw; the fractions of a revolution of the screw are obtained by an index attached to one end of the screw, reading on a dial divided into loo equal parts.
  • Now, if CD is pressed by its weight or by a spring on the surface AB, the effect of wear will be to produce a symmetrical grinding away of both surfaces, which may be represented thus, fig.
  • The symmetrical diaminophenazine is the parent substance of the important dyestuff toluylene red or dimethyldiaminotoluphenazine.
  • Probably a sphere would prove most useful for a pressure anemometer, since owing to its symmetrical shape it would not require a weathercock.
  • It is rare to find in the polyp a regular, symmetrical disposition of the tentacles as in the medusa.

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