Sentence Examples

  • I have no fucking clue what the rest of these symbolize, except that it's a ranking structure.
  • The alb is supposed to be symbolical of purity, and the priest, when putting it on, prays: "Make me white and purify my heart, 0 Lord," &c. In the middle ages the parures, which originally had no mystic intention whatever, were taken to symbolize the wounds of Christ; whence probably is derived the custom surviving at the cathedral of Toledo, of the singers of the Passion on Good Friday being vested in apparelled albs.
  • The wheels symbolize divine omniscience and control, and the whole vision represents the coming of Yahweh to take up his abode among the exiles.
  • This contradiction enters into the minutest details of lifearmorial bearings, clothes, habits at table, symbolize and accentuate the difference.
  • It came, however, to symbolize the exemption of the abbots from episcopal jurisdiction, their quasi-episcopal character, and their immediate dependence on the Holy See.

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